Nerja is a seaside resort located on the Costa del Sol, in Andalucia region of France. This is a popular destination among the vacationers due to its beautiful mix of sand, sun, sea and Sangria. All these features results in picturesque landscapes and stunning sea side activities. The foothill location of this place also adds to its beauty. The visitors can go exploring the dense forests on the hill tops or enjoy other outdoor activities of horse riding, hiking or water related activities of swimming, kayaking and diving. There are some sanctuaries and national reserves also which are worth a visit. You can also spot some museums displaying the historical facts of the city.

Reaching here 
There is no airport in this city, therefore the tourists can first land at Malaga and then take a bus or rent a car and reach their destination. Nerja – a seaside town offering fabulous holidays has an excellent railway system that offers a comfortable access to this place.

Places to explore

1. The Nerja Donkey Sanctuary 
This sanctuary serves as a reserve for the donkeys and you can see several different varieties of donkeys inhabiting this place. You can also take the pleasure of feeding these animals or take any one of them for a walk.

2. Nerja Caves 
These caves are the result of karstic activities that started a million years ago. A visit to this cave will leave you speechless due to the amazing formations and wall painting of the ancient times. Only few huge chambers of the caves are open to the public and one portion of this cave is converted into an auditorium which has the capability of storing about hundreds of people at a time.

3. Ballooning 
The visitors can go for hot air ballooning and fly over the city discovering the stunning beauty of this place. Viewing the place from a certain height offers outstanding sightseeing of the whole town.

The remarkable sites and sandy beaches make this place a perfect destination for holidays. You can also visit this place and have relishing experiences.

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