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Nerja takes pride in being one of Costa Del Sol’s most prominent cities and a tourist destination of choice for thousands of tourists from across Europe and beyond. Part of its prominence is a result of its bright, wide, and clean beaches.

Over 10 beaches line up along the city’s provincial boundaries and some of the best ones to check out include Playa de Burriana (Burriana Beach), Playa de Torrecilla – Torrecilla beach, Playa de Maro (Maro beach) and Playa de Calahonda – Calahonda beach.

Not forgetting to mention its winding streets and significant historical sites such as the Caves of Nerja. Exploring this caves is an experience you will never get from anywhere. You can as well go on to enjoy spectacular views from its historic Balcon de Europa.

Kayaking at the Maro beach is another experience you will not want to miss. Others things to do and see in this town include paragliding, golfing, snorkelling and diving, shopping, entertainment, and so on.

Watch the video below to get a taste of the area!

The city’s closest neighbour, Torrox, also doesn’t disappoint either. It’s a quiet seaside resort that is home to one of the best tropical climates you will find in Europe. Besides its lovely beaches, the place is also synonymous with unique celebrations and festivals.

And while here, you can hop into one of its fantastic beach bars where you will be served tastily fried fish, sardine skewers, delightful rice dishes, paella, amongst other incredible meals. Generally, there’s plenty of traditional Andalusian traditional foods to sample while here.

Well, for your visit and stay in these towns to be tremendous and memorable, choose to stay in the best apartments, villas, or any of the many holiday rentals the town has to offer has to offer.

Deciding Where to Stay

We are delighted to recommend you a wide selection of decent villas, holiday rentals, and apartments to rent while touring these beautiful coastal towns.

Our website is specially designed to help you choose from a broad selection of rental providers, plus other useful information you may need to make a proper decision.

We make sure that all of the holiday property businesses we recommend undergo thorough property maintenance and cleanliness all the time and come complete with all the necessary appliances, facilities, and services you need to make your stay worthwhile.

You can let us know anytime which type of holiday rental you are looking for and we’ll be glad to help you narrow down to a holiday property that meets your requirements.

Property Management

Every capable property manager understands the need for property management, maintenance and cleaning services. All the three influence the image and overall reputation of your asset(s).

Apartments, villas, and holiday rentals all deserve to be clean and well maintained and this can only be achieved when you seek the help of a reputable cleaning company.

Quality, consistent, and reliable services can only be met if the company has the experience, workforce and resources available to tackle any challenge.

Part of our mission is to ensure both the property manager and tenant have healthy relations and that neither experiences anything that could lead to discomfort. To that end we offer our own property maintenance services as detailed below.

Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services but not limited to:

  • Sweeping, mopping & vacuuming of all types of floor surfaces
  • Window cleaning
  • Toilet, Basins and Sink cleaning
  • Garden and ground cleaning and maintenance
  • Polishing your wooden surfaces
  • Dusting all types of interior surfaces as well as window sills
  • Neatening the outdoor paths and drive ways
  • Upholstery and soft furnishings cleaning


Maintenance Services

We offer a broad range of property maintenance services and common ones include:

  • Varnishing and sanding of doors and windows
  • Floor, wall and shower tiling
  • Strip & reseal of hard floors
  • High-pressure cleaning to remove mould, algae and other related organisms
  • Painting
  • Damp sealing to protect roofs, windows, ceilings and doors against leaking or other water-related damages

Why Choose Us?
Timely and steady cleaning

As a landlord or property manager, it’s definitely your best wish to have your property looking attractive and clean all the time. Remember, all unused spaces should be kept presentable all the time to avoid an ugly last minute rush.

We understand just how important this is and our aim is to ensure your property remains in a proper state always.

All round services

Through our rich experience, we understand that property care is more than cleaning.

Thus we offer maintenance and management services as well. So by choosing to have us attend to your property, you will be helping to stabilise or boost the value of your property and making it available to almost everyone.

Sustainable Solutions

It’s the duty of every respectable property management and cleaning company to ensure they are utilising products that are safe not just for people but the environment. On our part, we make use of environmentally friendly products as well as disposables. This includes environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, recyclable towels amongst other things.

Competent team

It comes naturally to us that maintaining friendly and professional relationships with property managers, tenants and staff sets the pace for satisfying outcomes.

When there’s open and fluent communication amongst all the parties involved, everyone’s needs and expectations will definitely be met even beyond their expectations. For this reasons, we, therefore, employ a highly skilled, professional and friendly team who work hard to make sure these relationships thrive.

With hundreds of clean, decent and fantastic properties in our selections to choose from, we are confident that you will easily find the ideal property that meets all your holiday requirements.