All About Torrox

Of the nicest coastal towns in the Costa Del Sol with a great and friendly climate, Torrox sits among the best. It’s situated in Axarquia region and once here, it won’t take you long to figure out why it attracts much attention from tourists not just across Europe but the world over.

Temperatures average about 18 degrees throughout the year, a fact that has earned a special place in Costa del Sol. Much of the credit for this goes to the Torrox River Valley. Thanks to the river, the temperature hardly hits extreme highs because it drains into the sea. Besides, the town enjoys the protection of a few hills that keep the cold and strong winds away.

When it comes to beauty spots, the area consists of both coastal and inland beauty spots not too far from each other. And the mountains that surround it merge to create its award winning beaches.

Torrox’s coastline runs for well over 9 kilometres and alongit, you will find coves and beaches most of which boast the blue flag award such as Penocillo, Morche, Ferrara, and Torcasol.

Things You Must See in Torrox

The Lighthouse and Old Roman Town.

In the entire Malaga province, the Lighthouse is one of the few outstanding cultural heritage places you must visit. Everything about it is unique and best of all, it’s open for everyone.

Another place you should check out is the archaeological site that has a Roman forum. Here you will find the remains of an old Roman town that was once a booming town in the period running from the 1st to the 4th C AD.

Calaceite Lookout Tower

This structure, together with the Huit Beacon,was built in the 15th C and at that time they formed a sectional of the coastal defence system. The town has preserved not just the wall that surrounded the town during those times but also the Arabic Fortress’s remains.

La Moneda House

Even though you can only view this building from outside, the history behind it will have you struggling to get the closest peek you can get. It was built in the 18th C and it points to what the Torrox’s commercial life was like in the years that have passed.

Other interesting ancient architectures you should also check out include La Granja Aqueduct,San Jose hospital, San Rafael Sugar Factory, Miniatures Museum, La Joya Palace and La Hoya House. La Hoya House once served as a home to the famed King Alfonso XII when he paid Axarquia a visit back in the 18th C.

Nuestra Senora de la Encarnacion Church

Constructed in the 16th C, this church is one of the unique architectural pieces you will find in Torrox. It’s in the shape of a tower that ascends up taking shape of a rectangular prism and wears a crown shaped in the form of a pyramid as its spire. Not forgetting to mention the wooden Mudejar Framework ceilings.

Getting to Torrox

If you are coming from Malaga, Torrox is just a 40-minutes away. If you are driving, look for the E-15 road and drive along it until you spot Exit 285. Take the exit and you will note signposts along the road that will take you straight to Torrox centre.

Alternatively, you can take a bus at Puerto De Malaga. The journey to Torrox will take about an hour and a half.