All You Need to Know About Torrox

Torrox Costa is a well-known resort in Spain and it attracts many tourists due to its unique attractions. Even though the area isn’t as versatile and developed as the neighbouring resort towns of Costa del Sol, the tourist numbers are still high especially during summer. The area is very close to Torrox Pueblo, an inland area just a few kilometres away from the coast.



Torrox is among the few regions in all of Europe that boasts of a great temperate weather. With hills surrounding it, the town is protected from cold winds making it a calm and exciting place to visit any time of the year.


El Penochillo is Torrox Costa’s most beautiful and renowned beach. Besides possessing a blue flag award, the beach boasts of a nautical school that allows one to practice not just windsurfing but canoeing as well.

Other Attractions             

Besides the beautiful El Penochillo beach, there’s a lot more you could enjoy here. There’s a plethora of great bars on the Paseo Maritimo and also on the stretch that leads to the beach. Most of these bars host music shows concerts and festivals. Not to mention there’s still a great selection of discos and pubs where the young can visit.

Torrox Costa town

The Torrox Costa area isn’t one of those package holiday resorts. Most of the recently built apartment blocks you will come across here are largely owned by foreigners who only use them once in a while, particularly during holidays.

The town itself has banks, supermarkets and other related facilities that make your stay here convenient. On the main walkway (Paseo Maritimo), you will find shops, restaurants, bars and plenty of other amenities and if you happen to come here over summer, you will be lucky to come across temporary stalls that sell different types of art, souvenirs, and crafts as well.

Fitness enthusiasts will enjoy their stay here as well because the town has facilities for different sports including basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, aerobics, swimming just to name but a few, and there are free exercise machines available at various points along the paseo.

Food and Eateries

Local cuisines in Torrox are basically what you would find in any part of the larger Axarquia area. Special cuisines include Garlic Soup with Grapes, Roast Marinated Lamb, Kid in Almond Sauce, and delightful churros.

At Torrox Costa, you will find a wide selection of decent eateries along the town’s main promenade, Paseo Maritimo and also along the side streets that lead to the beach.

Where to go

Exhibitions, flamenco festival, music concerts, theatre, and traditional dance are all leisurely activities you shouldexpect to see once you tour this place. They take place throughout the year.

Another place you might want to visit is the ever striking Axarquia area. It boasts of beautiful outdoors and it’s one of the few nice places you can go rambling.

Granada, a town famous for its rich history, and the Sierra Nevada are all an hour away from this town if you are driving. Both are beautiful towns and so you can extend avisit to these places too.