Best Activities for Family and Kids In Nerja

A family holiday with the kids is one of the things you should consider when planning a tour of Costa del Sol. Will there be some fun things to with them? Definitely Yes. From parks to day trips to outdoor activities to excursions, water parks, name them. You can have all of them to yourselves while touring Nerja and the surrounding areas.

Regardless of where you stay, there will always be something exciting to do that will bring great joy to your family. So we are going to mention a couple of them that you might want to check out while exploring this region.

Exploring Nerja Caves

You can make your way to Nerja Caves anytime of the year except for only two days: January 1st and May 15th. Here, you will get to observe exciting rock formations, beautiful acoustics, and the wonder of natural evolution. Every other Sunday morning, Nerja residents are given free entry to Caves but on other days one must part with a small fee. Some of the large chambers are also open to the public. In fact, there’s one particular chamber that’s been adapted into an auditorium able to hold hundreds of people. Concerts often take place there during summer.


On the perimeter of Nerja’s province, you will come across two protected areas. The Almijarra Natural Park & the Sierra de Tejada constitute one area and on the other side, there’s the Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo. These two are the ideal areas for hiking. El Cielo is a mountain that stands at 1508 metres and hiking to the top is a remarkably thrilling experience. While at the top, you’ll enjoy magnificent views of Nerja’s countryside and on the days when the air is clear, you’ll bestaring down at all of Costa del Sol.

Beach tours

Nerja’s beaches are its main attraction. They are the major reason why people visit Nerja. Some of its best beaches include Burriana,Torecilla, Calahonda and Maro beach.  Some have a promenade where you can take long walks with your partner or kids while exploring its splendour. You can as well take part in the water sports available at some of the beaches such as snorkelling, sea kayaking, swimming, diving, and jet skiing. All of these activities combined make the beaches absolutely perfect for families.

Town Tours

If you would like to take a leisurely tour of Nerja, there are a couple of exciting ways to do it. First off there’s the horse and carriage, which is pretty old fashioned but just what you need to make your experience together with your family memorable. The tour begins at Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo and ends at the same spot again. You can as well opt for a tourist train which begins in CalleDiputacion and finishes there as well.

Children Camps

Children camps are pretty common over summer months. During summer, they are mostly held on Burriana beach. Kids usually have a wide selection of supervised activities to choose from. Torecilla beach also offers the same but at regular intervals as opposed to summer time only.

Other than these five, there are also a couple of other places worth a mention:

Dino Park

It’s an indoor play area in Alimarante Carranza.

Plaza Fabrica de Los Cangrejos

This place overlooks Torecilla beach. Over summer, a trampoline and bouncy castle get installed here and in August of every year, there are activities and performances targeted at the younger audience.

Nerja actually comprises of play areas and typical playgrounds complete with numerous pieces of apparatus spread out across it. An ideal place to find these is definitely at the beach. But apart from the beach, there are areas such as Sala Mercado that get adapted into a play area and also become a centre for activities like drawing, painting or storytelling over school holidays.