Best Beaches to Visit While In Nerja

Nerja is Costa del Sol’s prime destination for true beach lovers. It’s amongst few of Europe’s top holiday resorts that continue to hold tight to its conventional fishing-village feel and ways.

Water has always been part of Nerja’s history from centuries ago. In fact, Nerja itself prides in being the source of the famous Chillar River.

When people visit Nerja, one of the top things on their list is to explore its many beautiful beaches. Altogether, Nerja has 12 beaches that line up on the perimeter of its provincial boundary.

Let’s check out the best:

Playa de Burriana (Burriana Beach)

Burriana beach is the most popular beach in Nerja. It’s loved by many due to its fine and golden sand and has even featured on successful TV shows. Some of the things you can do at this beach include taking part in water sports activities such as jet skiing, walks along its wide sea-front promenade popularly known as Paseo Maritimo Antonio Mercero, sea kayaking, playing volleyball and so on. You can as well visit some of its bars and restaurants to sample their wide variety of food and drinks. To access this beach either use a car or taxi.

Playa de Torrecilla – Torrecilla beach

Award winning Torrecilla beach shares almost the same popularity and wonderment as Burriana beach. It comprises pebbles and coarse dark sands and stretches about 300 metres. There are so many ways to enjoy the beach including taking a walk along the promenade that begins at the old Moorish watchtower and ends at Plaza de los Cangrejos. The beach also has a ton of facilities for you to enjoy including restaurants, bars, shops, kiosks, not to mention disabled access, sunbed rentals, a beach library and lifeguards.

Playa de Calahonda – Calahonda beach

You might have seen it already in a flier or brochure or in travel photo collections. Nerja’s Calahonda beach is iconic and rightfully so. It rests alongside rocks and cliffs and is situated in a location so unique from all the other beaches. If you wish to have a bird’s view of this spectacular beach before/after you visit it, walk over to Balcon de Europa. To access the beach, just walk down the staircase at the  Balcon. Whether you want to have lunch or dinner, this beach has fine restaurants for that. Other amenities at the beach include lifeguards, showers, toilets, and sunbed rentals.

Playa de Maro (Maro beach)

Maro beach is another award winning beach known for offering the best snorkelling experience not just in Nerja but across Spain. It boasts of crystal clear waters, underwater coves, hidden waterfalls, and a scenery you won’t find anywhere else in Nerja. The beach is just a few kilometres from Nerja centre and stretches about 500m long. It comprises a blend of coarse sand and pebbles. Maro beach also boasts a flourishing marine life, a fact that makes it ideal not just for snorkelling but diving as well. It’s also ideal for family and if you love to swim, this is the ideal beach for you as well.

Playa de Alberquillas (Alberquillas beach)

Alberquillas beach sits roughly 10 kilometres away from Nerja Centre. Its best attribute is that it’s always calm and relaxed regardless of the time of the year. It’s an ideal place to go when seeking a quiet yet fun place to spend away your time. The water around this beach is pretty clean and it also has avibrant marine life making it a great destination for snorkelling. In addition to that, expect to see coves and magnificent rock formations. However, the beach has no facility whatsoever since it still retains a natural reserve status.

Besides these five, you can as well pay a visit to the rest of the beaches as they also stand out and have facilities and sports you will not want to miss. They include:

  • Caleta de Maro
  • Las Calas del Pino (Las Calas del Pino beach)
  • Playa El Cañuelo (El Cañuelo beach)
  • Playa Playazo (Playazo beach)
  • Playa El Chucho (El Chucho beach)
  • Playa El Salón (El Salon beach)
  • Playa de la Caletilla (Caletilla beach)

Happy holidays!