Events and Festivals In Torrox

Events and Festivals in Torrox run from the start of the year all the way to December.


Here’s a brief overview of what to expect:

January: 6th of January is the date when the three kings Celebration takes place.

February: This is the month when festivals start to happen in Torrox. Over the carnival period, expect humoristic shows (chirigotas) and dances in which dancers don unique costumes.

May: Las Cruces de Mayo popularly known as the May Crosses festival is often characterisedby flowery houses. In place of the typical flowerpots, homeowners don their houses with flowers and polish up the crosses using shawls and doilies.

June:Romeria de San Antonio is usually held on the 13th of June every other year. During this festival, there’s a regular supply of delightful food and wine as well from Axarquia area. The event is hosted by the Las Protegidas district.

On the 23rd of June, San Juan’s night takes place in Torrox. Water is the key item in this festival. Locals and visitors alike head out to the Torrox River where they soak themselves.

August:Virgen de las Nieves (Patron Saint Day) takes place during this month. It’s the event where the Virgin together with Saint Roque are picked from their dedicated chapel and taken to the Parish Church until October before they are transferred back.

Our Lady of Carmel (Virgendel Carmen) is also held on the 15th of this month. Usually, the event is held in July but Torrox hosts it during this month just so that many visitors can have the opportunity to enjoy it. As the procession takes place, there will also be musical concerts, fishing competitions, amongst other events.

September:Candelaria festival is held during this month. It involves Torrox town habitants moving to their farmhouses and then having lots of good drinks and food inside circles made of candles.

October: October is famous for the October festival. The festival which is ever full of fireworks takes place over the first week and it involves honouring the transfer of the Virgin and San Roque back to their dedicated chapel.

December:Migas Day Food takes place over this month just like it does in every other town and place in Costa del Sol. It takes place every Sunday leading up to Christmas. The festival is named after bread crumbs and bread plays a key role. In Andalusia, the celebration has earned so much recognition that it attracts even international tourists.

Torrox Foods

To make the most out of what Torrox has to offer when it comes to meals, be sure to come fully prepared to eat. Some of its top cuisines include:

  • Migas – Garlic friend bread crumbs served with a host of ingredients including peppers, cold cuts, sardines, just to name but a few.
  • Arriera Salad – It’s a salad that comprises of onions, olives, oranges, tomatoes and cod.
  • Papas a lopobre – which is basically Potatoes that have been sautéed with onion.
  • Gazpacho – This is cold tomato soup comprising of garlic, pepper, olive oil and cucumber
  • Ajoblanco soup – This is a cold soup consisting of almond and creamy garlic and normally served with grapes

Not to mention garlic soup, pumpkin casserole, fennel stem, sardines, and skewered anchovies.

You can have any of these dishes served with some of the area’s best regional wines. Or you can as well go for the exquisite arropias (regional sweeties) made out of sugar cane syrup and the wine flavoured pastries.