Fiestas, Festivals, and Other Events In Nerja

Spain is among Europe’s top partying capitals. People here relish good parties and as you would guess, there are many of them that usually take place all year round. The majority have religious origins but the rest are done for the sake of just feeling good and enjoying life.

Semana Santa which is like Easter, Nerja Feria, and Christmas festivities take the lead. Unlike the other single day events, these three run for a couple of days and are the Nerja people’s favourite.

As for the national celebrations, the town has two major events in which they honour their national heroes: La Virgen del Carmen and San Isidro. Both are esteemed figures the town honours every other year by hosting a flamboyant procession that’s later accompanied by a huge party.

White parties, open air concerts, dance festivals, caves music are few of the many events and festivals that make Nerja worth a visit or stay.

We’ll sample the top events you should watch out for in each month of the year.

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San Anton Celebrations

On the 16th and 17th of January, San Anton celebrations take place in the adjacent village of Maro. It’s done to honour San Anton, a patron saint held in high esteem across the entire Costa del Sol area. Bonfires are usually lit throughout the whole village, accompanied by fireworks. On the second day, there’s a supply of nice local music and as the celebration nears an end, there will be plenty of eating and fireworks.

Carnavales de Nerja (Nerja Carnival)

6 weeks before the start of Easter, Nerja adopts a carnival mood. It’s an old event carried throughout Spain and it’s characterized by fasting and lots of fireworks. The event takes place on the 23rd of February.

Dia De Andalucia

Ever since Andalusians become one of Spain’s autonomous communities, they have celebrated it ever since. The event takes place on the 28th of Feb. On this day, clothing and other properties get covered in green and white which is the colour of Andalusian flag. Plenty of cycling also takes place as part of the event.

Dia del Residente (Resident’s day)

Resident’s day usually takes place on the 2nd April. It begins at 12 noon and over the day, there are different types of performances including dancing and music. Food and drinks from different cultures and countries are also available for you to try.

Semana Santa / Easter

As we mentioned earlier, this is one of Nerja’s top event. It usually takes place in March or April, based on the year’s calendar. Over this period, different events take place including evening processions.  This is one of the best times to visit Nerja.

Las Cruces de Mayo (May Crosses)

The event is held on the 3rd of March every year. It’s an old tradition that’s practised across all of Spain. Other events that take place this month include Noche en Blanco, a cultural event, and San Isidro Labrador, a special eventfor farmers to honour San Isidro.

San Juan

This is an old Fiesta that takes place from 23rd to 24th June. It’s popular not just in Nerja but across Spain. It’s themed around purification and it’s usually centred around Saint John the Baptist.

Virgen del Carmen

Held every 16th of July, this event brings together Spanish people in giving thanks to Virgen Del Carmen (Virgin Mary). She holds a special place in the hearts of Andalusians and Spaniards from across the canaries and Iberian Peninsula. So on 15th, Nerja hosts a party to honour her and on the following day,a procession takes place as well.

Fiesta Blanca

This is an air party hosted by Youths from the local authority in conjunction with other parties. It takes place in August. A temporary stage is usually erected and the party runs until late. There’s music from local artists and Dj’s. Ensure you are dressed in white while attending the party. Also, the Festival de las Tres Cultras takes place towards the end of the same month.

Feria de las Maravillas

Festivities define this event, which celebrates the virgin of wonders (Maro’s patron saint). The Virgin is often taken on a tour of the village streets and later on, there are fireworks and rockets. Expect plenty of food, music and dancing of course. The event takes place at the la Plaza de las Maravillas during the second week of September.

Nerja Feria

Feria is Nerja’s top event and it often comprises dancing, singing, drinking and lots of eating. The eventstake place in different locations around Nerja and includes event activities for the younger ones as well.  There’s also a mix of modern and traditional attractions such as the Flamenco dancing. The majority of the events are free except the music concerts. All these celebrations are centred around Saint Michael (San Miguel Arcangel) and the virgin of anguish ( La Virgen de las Angustias).

Christmas festivities and New Year Celebrations

December is famous for its festivities and in Nerja, it’s not any different. There’s a lot of both modern and traditional events taking place, in addition to plenty of other celebrations. New year celebrations usually take place at the Balcon de Europa and it’s one of those flashy and colourful events you don’t wish to miss.