Torrox Pueblo and Torrox Costa

The Torrox area is among the few places in Europe with anear perfect climate. It’s surrounded by mountains that shield it from strong and cold winds and it boasts an average temperature of 18 degrees all year around.

Initially, accessing the area was quite difficult but since they opened the new coastal highway (N340), the time it takes to arrive at Torrox from Malaga Airport has since been cut down to roughly 40 minutes.

Once you take exit 285 off the coastal way, you can follow the road signs as they will take you all the way to the Costa. The area benefits from great hotels and accommodation for holidaymakers. Alternatively, you can choose to take the route that takes you up to Pueblo where you can enjoy a beautiful traditional Andalusian village.

The two areas are four kilometres apart and what makes them a huge attraction to tourists is the presence of old and traditional Spanish life as well as a ton of other facilities that any tourist can enjoy.

Torrox Pueblo shares Arabic roots, as do most of the areas in this larger region. This means the place consists of miles of winding streets sandwiched between whitewashed houses.

What’s pretty impressive about this small town is that it’s quiet and calm and it continues to hold tightly to its old character. Even with huge numbers of tourists flocking to the area, there hasn’t been asignificant change in its character and way of life.

It’s only recently that there has been a huge influx of locals and foreigners alike who look to buy property here, thanks to its beauty and closeness to the coasts.

Things to See

Torrox Pueblo isn’t as versatile as some of its neighbouring towns but the little it has is what might just make you like it. Some of the places to check out include:

  • Iglesia de la Encarnacion and Iglesia de San Roque ( Both 16th C churches)
  • Ermita de Nuestra Señora de las Nieves ( An ancient church)
  • Custom House & Mint (18th C building)
  • Casa de la Cultura( 19th C building)

The main town square is beautiful and very relaxing. Bordered with very nice and inexpensive bars and restaurants. Sitting outside enjoying a meal and drink is an absolute pleasure. Don’t miss it.

Festivals and Events

Pueblo usually hosts festivals all year round.  At least each month has its own special festival. For instance, there’s the February Carnival celebrations, the Cruces de Mayo that takes place in May, the Son Roque festivities in October, Fiesta de migas in December, just to name a few.

Unlike its neighbouring towns, Torrox Costa is less of a traditional town and more of a town muscling its way into elements of modernity. It boasts of a number of high rise apartment blocks and a good portion of these apartments belong to foreigners, mostly German and Spanish nationals. Its coastline stretches three kilometres.

Strangely, until mid-2003, this place had no hotel. And to date, a huge portion of its lands and spaces remain unsold reason being it isn’t very well advertise, compared to most holiday destinations. In fact, word of mouth recommendations remains the onlyway it is promoted.

The good side of this is that those months when Tourism isn’t at its peak, the town is mostly calm and peaceful. At the heart of Torrox Costa is the Paseo Maritimo, a promenade where you can enjoy easy and breathtaking walks while exploring the town. It begins at El Faro and stretches along the Playa Ferrara Beach’s length. And besides the apartments, there are also shops, restaurants and bars along the promenade.

The food is good, prices are inexpensive, and the view to the sea, along the beach and the hills in the distance is priceless.

The east side of El Faro isn’t as developed as its counterparts. This is where you will find El Penoncillo Beach. Much less built up, plenty of inexpensive Chiringitos, or beach bars, where you can eat and drink right on the beach.You will enjoy the fact that in this side of Torrox Costa, the beaches are a very rugged and natural.   If you are driving, you can pull off the road and just park on the beach.


Play Ferrara is Torrox Costa’s main beach. But there are a couple of others such as Playa Las Lindas and Penonchilo.

Food and Drinking

Torrox Costa has a good supply of cafes, restaurants and bars.  Most of them sit on Paseo Maritimo and on the sides of the streets that lead to the beach. You can as well find a few eateries around Plaza Constitution, which is the town’s main square.

Things to See

Even though it’s largely a beach resort, a walk along the Paseo Maritimo will expose you historical monuments such as those left behind by the Romans who once inhabited this place mostly in the 17th and 18th C. For better viewing of these remains, you can walk over to the Balcon Mirador de la Punta de Torrox.

Things to Do

The majority of fun activities you can try while here are beach-centered. During summer, you can go ahead and hire some jet-skis, kayaks, pedaloes, not to mention the obvious activities such as swimming and snorkelling. Some beaches such as Playa Ferrara have Volley ball courts. If you play golf, you can visit the nearby Baviera Golf.


If you are here to shop, be sure to take a walk along the Paseo Maritimo promenade because that’s where most of the shops are situated. There’s a huge selection of shops and in addition to that, you can get to visit some of the available supermarkets. Make sure not to miss the weekly street market that takes place every Monday.