Sea Kayaking In Nerja

Kayaking is similar despite the water body right? Well, this is the assumption many people make which is not true. Here is a breakdown of the types of kayaking

Whitewater kayaking
Touring kayaking
Surf kayaking
Sit-on-top kayaking
Sport kayaking
Sea kayaking

In Nerja, the lovers of the sport enjoy sea kayaking owing to the pristine, crystal clear water, the waterfalls around every corner you turn, kayak friendly coves and sea caves which reflect different stone colours. This is in addition to an unperturbed underwater landscape that is clearly visible from your kayak

Sea kayaking is done in the open expanse of the ocean or sea and is favoured for the water’s unpredictability. As such, sea kayaks are built with two sealed bulkheads: In the bow and the stern. Kayaking in the sea is a practised skill that requires you to be fit and strong. The kayaks are heavy ranging from 15-19 feet in length with the ability to surmount sizeable waves because of their aerodynamics.

The Acantilados de Maro –Cerro Gordo Natural Park
This is a natural park which is home to some of the most untouched virgin territory. This is because it is highly protected and features the best beaches on the coast

Playa del Canuelo
La Caleta de Maro
Las Calas del Pino
Your kayaking adventures will be within the confines of the park but it provides more than enough playing ground, even more than you can cover in a day.

The Beach at Maro
One of the favourite spots on the Eastern Costa del Sol for kayakers visiting Nerja is the beach at Maro. This is because there are kayaks rented out by the hour by an activity firm known as the Salamandra. Understandably, you may not have your kayak with you especially if you are a visitor and this service comes in handy.

The terrain at the beach in Maro is peppered with waterfalls, rugged landscape and the water is azure blue with clear views of the life underwater.

The Weather
As always, sea kayaking is best enjoyed during the summer time and it offers great sporting activities for all age demographics. Children can learn the sport as the water is not rough while the elderly can enjoy a slower pace of exploring the secluded coves and beaches that Nerja has to offer which are only accessible by kayak.

For the fitter sporty demographic, you can kayak from Burriana beach to Maro using a local company known as Educare Aventura. The company is aptly located at the end of Burriana beach and they provide safety equipment, a brief instructions course, and guides. The route will take approximately 3-5 hours.

For alternative routes, you can rent a canoe and go exploring for yourself. There is the option of longer routes or a route that takes you to the caves where you can dive and explore the inner chambers of the coves and sea caves

Sea kayaking is a great way to enjoy the water, challenge yourself physically and make lasting memories of your time in timeless Nerja.