Snorkeling In Nerja

Water sports are a huge attraction in Nerja and this is because Nerja is home to some of the best beaches in Spain and all of Europe. In this beaches, snorkelling is among the top activities you will never want to miss out, besides diving, sea kayaking and swimming.

Some of the beaches have incredibly crystal clear waters and a rich sea life, making them perfectly ideal for snorkelling. You could go looking out for crabs or small fish as well in their natural rock pools. In some of the rocks, you’ll find mussels. You can take your adventure further by pulling them off and splitting them to feed the crabs. Mussels appear to be their favourite food so expect to witness a good fight for it.

If you happen to bring your family along while touring Nerja, this is one of the few sports that should be on your to-do list.  It is ideal for both children and adults. While snorkelling here,  It’s advised that you dress your children in wetsuits because during the cold months, the suit will allow them to stay longer in the water and during the summer months, the suits will give them protection from sunburns.

Some of the great places you could go snorkelling while visiting Nerja include:

Playa El Canuelo

Made up of singles, El Canuelo is quiet and lovely and comprises wonderful rocks, little coves, clear and glittering waters, and remarkably striking, bright and patterned pebbles.June to September is the ideal time to visit this place when you want to snorkel. The beach itself sits on where Malaga boarders Granada and it’s one of the few best places for families. You can either walk or board a bus to take you down there.

Playa de Maro (Maro beach)

Maro beach is one of the few award winning beaches in Nerja. Besides its underwater caves and hidden waterfalls, the crystal clear waters, attractive sceneries, and rich sea life make it an ideal spot for snorkelling. It’s also ideal for families. Apart from just snorkelling, you can as well try out Sea kayaking.

Las Calas del Pino beach

Las Calas del Pino is a nudist beach with exceptionally clean waters. It’s made up of singles and comprises several rocky outcrops, underwater features, caves and a lot more that make snorkelling here a fantastic experience. The beach lies roughly 6km away from Nerja and it’s one of the few secluded beaches in Nerja.

Playa de Cantarrijan

Even though the distance between it and Nerja is quite long, the 15 kilometresare nothing compared to what you will experience as a snorkeler in this beach. It’s a hip and trendy nudist beach with incredibly clean waters. It’s also full of all varieties of fish and one of the few well-protected beaches in the larger Nerja area.

El Molino de Papel

It’s not a fancy beach but when it comes to snorkelling, the crystal clear waters and huge varieties of fish make it among the few secluded beaches you will enjoy snorkelling. To enjoy the most out of this sport, ensure you get down to the beach before the waves grow big. In fact, making an effort to check the local forecast will help a lot in knowing what to expect. Also, try to be among the early birds since the beaches often get too busy on some days and you might just find every nice spot taken up.