Top 5 things to do in Granada

Granada is one of Southern Spain’s top historical cities. It’s located just 54 kilometres away from Nerja which is another of Spain’s top historical towns and tourist destination.

Many have named Granada the capital of Moorish heritage and rightfully so. Granada is home to numerous medieval architecture that dates back to the time when Moors called the shots in the region.

On top of that, the city comprises beauty spots, monuments, and a plethora of other attractions you will definitely find exciting.

So let’s check out some of the best things to do while in this beautiful town.

The Alhambra

Alhambra is among Europe’s most important and beautiful historical site and it’s the closest you will come to Moorish heritage. It’s a huge compound complete with courtyard, palaces and magnificent gardens just perfect for your summer retreat. In fact, the emirs of Granada would often escape to this gardens during summer.  Alhambra was home to the Nasrids who ruled Granada at the time when Muslims controlled Andalusia. After the Christian invasion, the place became home to Catholic Monarchs.

Palacious Nazaries

Most Islamic buildings are spectacular but the Placious Nazeries is almost unmatched. It’s incredibly beautiful and bears this well-proportioned courtyard that only leads you to dozens of other spectacular rooms within the building. You will encounter attractive stucco work, carvings and tiling and if you are a photographer or a photo enthusiast, there will be so much for you to capture while here.

Granada Cathedral & Royal Chapel

Granada Cathedral sits where a former great mosque once existed. It boasts a remarkably imposing interior and a couple of beautiful chapels. At Royal Chapel, you’ll find Spain’s most famous Catholic Monarchs. Isabella and Ferdinand, famous Catholic monarchs, commissioned this place as their mausoleum and a visit here will grant you a glimpse into their tombs plus that of their daughter.


Generalife has all the attributes of a paradise. It’s perfectly shaded and has this leafy garden freshened up by its ever clean running waters. On hot days, Generalife is the perfect escape. In fact, the sultans had once adapted it into a summer palace and garden. Once inside, you will come across Patio de losCipreses, a remarkably shady patio perfect for lovers and also the Escaleradel Agua, a beautiful spot where water trickles down stone balustrades. Not to mention the great views of the Albaicin and old Arab quarter.

Mirador de San Nicolas

Climb up the steep and winding streets of Albaycin through the old Muslim quarter and then all the way up to Mirador de San Nicolas. Here’s where you need to go if you wish to get immaculate views of the Alhambra as well as the Sierra Nevada. And when it comes to beautiful sunsets, no other place in Spain comes close to the views and feeling you get while here. If you are a photo enthusiast, Mirador de San Nicolas is the ideal place to perfectly capture the attractions within Granada. Note that the place is often so full of people so always book early if possible.